Class-7 English Reader (Special), Lesson-16 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-I / M.P. Board

Lesson-16 The Pied Piper of Hamelin-I

Answer these questions: 1.What was Anand doing? Ans- Ananad was reading some verses aloud.
2.What made Ravi and Ashok smile at Anand? Ans- Ravi and Ashok smiled at Anand because he was so involved in reading verses          that he did not notice them.
3.How did the rats make the people uncomfortable? Ans- Rats made the people uncomfortable by eating up their grains, flour, bread and     cheese. They were found in their shoes, has, pockets and even cradles of babies.
4.Where did the people go one day?      Ans- People went to the Town Hall to meet the Mayor one day.
5.Where was the Mayor? Ans- The Mayor was in the hall with his councillors.
6.What were the councilors in constant fear of? Ans- The councillors were in the constant fear of losing their jobs.
7.How much time did the Mayor want to settle things? Ans- The Mayor wanted a month’s time to settle things.
8.What did the Mayor promise the people? Ans- The Mayor promised the people to get rid of rats in a week’…

Class-2 Sp. English, Exercises from Model Paper-III/ MP Board

Exercises from Model Paper-III
Change the following verbs adding ‘ing’: (i)Look- Looking (ii)Cross- Crossing (iii)Say-Saying (iv)Jump-Jumping (v)Help-Helping (vi)Tell-Telling
Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions ‘to’, ‘on’, ‘in’ Teacher’s day is celebrated on 5 September.I’ll go to school on Monday.The pen is in my pocket.
Give the past form of the verbs given below: (i)Live-Lived (ii)Go-Went (iii)Help-Helped (iv)Like-Liked (v)Play

Class-2 Sp. English , Exercise from Model Test Paper-II / MP Board

Exercise from Model Test Paper-II
Fill in the blanks with the correct prepositions given in the brackets: (i)The pen is in the bag. (under, in) (ii)There is a book on the table. (on, into) (iii)Tea is in the cup. (near, in) (iv)April comes after March. (after, before) (v)My house is near the Railway station. (to, near) (vi)The cat is under the chair and is drinking milk. (under, after)

Fill in the blanks with the correct words given in the brackets: (i)I looked for my books everywhere but found them nowhere. (everywhere, nowhere) (ii)Rewrite the following phrases usingreturn of Lord Ram Lord Ram’s returnsister of Ravi Ravi’s sister (iii)Rewrite the following sentences using simple future tense:
Ravi comes everyday. Ravi will come everyday.
(iv)Fill in the blanks with ‘can’, ‘cannot’ I can speak Hindi but I cannot speak French.
Vocabulary: (a)Rewrite these jumbled letters to make correct words: