Grade-3 Science, Chapter-6 Cleanliness, Health and Hygiene

Chapter 6 Topic:  Cleanliness, Health and Hygiene
Section  A
Fill in the blanks 1.Everyone needs to keep themselves clean in order to kill germs and avoid getting diseases. 2.Most germs are spread through hand contact. 3.We should cover our mouth when we cough and sneeze. 4.We should avoid the use of plastic bags to keep our surroundings clean. 5.Eating nutritious food helps to keep our body healthy.
Write an advantage of each:
Good food Good food helps us maintain a healthy body. Personal Hygiene Personal hygiene prevents us as well as others from getting sick. Rest and Exercise Rest and exercise are essential for healthy growth, alertness, learning ability, memory, mood and behavior. Recreational activities Recreational activities ae very important for the emotional, social and physical development of an individual. Cleanliness in the surroundings Cleanliness in surroundings helps us live healthy and better lives.
Section B Give reasons for the following:
We should have a nutritious diet. Ans- We should …

Grade-3 Social Science, Continents and Oceans

Chapter 5 Topic:  Continents and Oceans
Section- A Unscramble the words to get the names of oceans. Write your answers in the blank space provided.
1.CAPICIF - Pacific 2.TICATLAN - Atlantic 3.INNAID - Indian 4.AIRCCT - Arctic 5.THESONUR - Southern
Name the following: 1.Any one country that is both in Asia and Europe. Russia 2.An African country that is joined to Asia. Egypt 3.A North American country that connects North and South America. Panama 4.An ocean which washes the shores of North America and Eurasia. North Atlantic Ocean 5.The ocean which separates: a.Africa and Eurasia from the Americas. Atlantic Ocean b.Asia and Oceania from the Americas. Pacific Ocean <